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Sustainable Stories

Consumers are increasing their demand for greater transparency across the supply chain. In fact, 55% of consumers globally believe that brands are more accountable than governments (Edelman, 2021).

Through our RE-IMAGINE WASTE™ program, we pioneer sustainable, regenerative Product Designs that nourish the future. Discover our Sustainable Stories, powered by RE-IMAGINE WASTE™, a series where we explore ingredients that showcase our innovative and sustainable technologies.

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  • Natural Colors
  • Carrageenan and Alginates
  • Soy Protein
  • Vanilla
  • Citrus
  • Pectin
  • Palm Oil Emulsifiers

We are re-imagining the possibilities of sustainable innovation in the food and beverage industry. Together, let’s do more good, for planet, people and you.

“We are not only contributing to the United Nation SDGs at a global scale, but also helping our customers reach their goals as they relate to the environment, circular economy, and health and wellness.”

Mikkel Thrane, good growth leader, IFF Global Sustainability

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