Protecting cheese, dairy and dairy alternative
freshness with HOLDBAC®

Your specialized, consumer-friendly label protective culture solution.

For cheese, dairy and dairy alternative manufacturers, it’s a new era.

On one hand, consumer tastes are changing. People want more cheese, more fermented dairy, and healthier ingredients that they recognize. Now, there’s a massive opportunity for manufacturers to deliver on the delicious, healthy cheese and dairy options that consumers are loudly clamoring for.

But in order to win here and meet consumers where they really are, manufacturers must first contend with the new, shifting shelf-life hurdles of the market.

Preserving freshness is now the challenge to overcome.

That’s why we’re introducing the latest generation of HOLDBAC®, a consumer-friendly label, cutting-edge bioprotective culture for extended freshness in dairy and cheese. That means achieving:


This new generation of HOLDBAC® is the culmination of decades of our fermentation experience — and the perfect solution for an era where food freshness has never been more important.

Here’s why freshness is the focus for today’s cheese, fresh dairy and alternative dairy businesses:

HOLDBAC® helps you overcome the most difficult challenges in today’s dairy and cheese market.

Managing food waste

Pressures over food waste and emissions are mounting — and justifiably so. 40% of all food produced is wasted.

HOLDBAC® Protective Cultures help manufacturers play a critical role in reducing food waste by keeping products fresh for longer. By extending shelf-life just one week, yogurt waste can be reduced by up to 30%.

At IFF, we place a huge importance on sustainability. We’re currently supporting the United Nation Sustainable Goals (UNSG 12.3) to reach 2030 goals and help our customers reach their sustainability targets. We are also a partner to Champions 12.3.

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Meeting clean label demands

It’s clear that consumers are veering more towards products with recognizable ingredients. But more and more major retailers are following suit, some opting to blacklist certain ingredients from their shelves.

When it comes to formulating cheese and dairy, there’s a razor-thin margin for error. Partnering with IFF and HOLDBAC® helps manufacturers meet the clean label demands of the modern era while also benefiting from the world-leading fermentation expertise of our team.

Preserving food freshness across complicated cold-chain logistics

Retailers are also turning up the pressure to extend product shelf life when it comes to cheese and dairy. But consistently doing so while accounting for tricky cold-chain logistics can be a serious challenge.

To win here, manufacturers need their protective cultures solutions to be effective, first and foremost. Choosing HOLDBAC® means that retailers and consumers receive the most consistently fresh, long-lasting versions of your products — ones that are able to meet the incredibly high standards of deliciousness that people have come to expect.

A specialized solution. An industry-leading partner.

With the HOLDBAC® line of protective culture solutions, dairy, dairy alternative and cheese manufacturers can keep their products fresh for longer, minimize product defects, reduce waste, reduce emissions, and deliver on the clean-label demands of the market - they can check all the boxes.

But that’s just where it starts. HOLDBAC® Protective Cultures users aren’t just getting a product - they’re getting IFF as a partner.

Supported by 100 years of domain expertise, they’re able to take up the hardest development challenges to make the most specialized, standout products of the future, establishing themselves as leaders in tomorrow’s market.

It all adds up to not only meeting the exacting demands of this new era of food, but exceeding them.

Welcome to the new generation of HOLDBAC®.

Protect Dairy with the Power of Fermentation

Today’s consumers want less food waste, which makes navigating cold-chain supply to deliver fresh dairy even more difficult. With natural fermentation, our two new HOLDBAC® protective cultures help you reach your sustainability goals by ensuring freshness for 7 average extra days, without sacrificing taste or sensory experience, and supporting “Best Before” dates to boost your products’ chance of retailer selection. Learn more about how our new solutions can help you meet consumer demands.

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