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Forging the future of sustainable laundry detergents

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Are you ready to unlock the real potential of enzyme for sustainable and effective cleaning? IFF has invested in new enzyme development technologies using the latest protein engineering techniques and formulation insights. 

In this on-demand presentation, Dr. Arjen Hoekstra will explain how recent advances in protein engineering have facilitated significant improvements in the properties of liquid enzymes, thereby minimizing the need for chemical stabilizers or making them redundant – even in multi-enzyme systems.

What you’ll learn:

  • What current formulation challenges are associated with developing effective laundry detergents
  • Why the use of traditional chemical inhibitors to stabilize enzymes in laundry detergents is limited
  • How structurally stable enzymes – developed using the latest advancements in protein engineering – can enable the cleaning industry to improve enzyme stability in detergents, and the variety of benefits this brings

About the presenter:

Dr. Arjen J. Hoekstra is the technical director of Home & Personal Care (HPC) applications at IFF Health & Biosciences. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with a PhD in chemical engineering and joined the company 11 years ago in a technical sales role after former stints in the detergent and coatings industries. He currently leads the HPC global application development and technical service teams in Shanghai, Hyderabad, Leiden and Palo Alto. In addition, Arjen is the site manager for IFF Leiden in the Netherlands.

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