Discover holistic, sustainable solutions for creative, next-gen supplements at Vitafoods Europe

Join us at Vitafoods Europe 2022 to meet our elite team of experts in health and dietary supplements to power your brand!


May 10-12


Geneva, Switzerland


Booth C80

Meet our IFF team of experts innovating health and wellness

Attendees can explore IFF's - vast portfolio of probiotic and botanical ingredients, as well as IFF Pharma plant-based functional ingredient solutions for dietary supplements– tapping into a full-service experience that makes meeting consumer needs simple, visitors at our booth can explore IFF's vast portfolio of

Learn more about our dietary supplements and health solutions at Vitafoods 2022. Our showcase of product samples and prototypes includes:

Flaxseed Oil Softgel made with SeaGel®
Coenzyme Q10 Softgel made with SeaGel®
Algal Omega-3 Softgel made with SeaGel®
MCT Oil Softgel made with SeaGel®
Elderberry gummy made with Grindsted® Pectin Premium
Vitamin C gummy made with Grindsted® Pectin Premium
Ashwagandha gummy made with Grindsted® Pectin Premium
Calcium Tablets with Avicel® SMCC 90 and Accelerate® SDW 802
Mood Spritz, a sparkling functional drink
Chocolate/orange bar with ginseng
Mango passion bliss balls with acerola
Probiotic Chocolates

IFF Ingredients for Oral Dosage Formulations in Dietary Supplements

Join us at booth C80 to learn how to power your brand to meet the ever-evolving consumer pharma landscape.


Register dietary supplements solutions team to discover our broadest portfolio of ingredients for oral dosage forms at Vitafoods 2022.

“We’re thrilled to showcase our unmatched breadth of technologies and expertise, which allow us to provide supplement manufacturers with the answers they need to develop high-quality products that drive value for their brand,” said Michael Baumann, global strategic marketing manager, dietary supplements at IFF Pharma Solutions.
“Not only can we provide a streamlined supply of quality products, but we’re with our customers from product ideation to formulation – whether that’s providing guidance during the transition to plant- based ingredients or helping to refine products to meet e-commerce demands.”

IFF Health Solutions

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Join us at booth C80 to learn how to power your brand to meet the ever-evolving consumer health landscape.

“With 37% of probiotic consumers in Europe in search of overall wellness – as opposed to the alleviation of a specific symptom – brand owners have the unique opportunity to stand out via innovative compelling formats, tastes, ingredients combinations, sustainability and more,” said Vanessa Azevedo, regional marketing lead for dietary supplements, IFF Health Division. “Our comprehensive portfolio of probiotics, botanicals and health ingredients along with our industry-leading capabilities and decades of technical expertise help brand owners develop innovative, efficacious products that satisfy the modern consumer preferences"

Don’t miss our presentation featuring trends and innovation in Women’s health on May 11— LIVE at Vitafoods EU at 15:00-15:25 on the Probiotics Theatre.

New Heights in Women's Health: What's on the horizon for next probiotic solutions for feminine support

location15:00-15:25 clock Probiotics Theatre

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Senior Technical & Scientific Manager at IFF

Dr. Johanna Maukonen

Dr. Johanna Maukonen

Global Health and Nutrition Science Leader at IFF